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Official currency in Morocco is Dirham. The exchange rate to the Euro is almost 1 € = 11 DHm or 1 Pound = 13 DHM.


The most popular transport in Morocco are the buses and the taxis. In towns, you may use the « Petit » taxi, for a maximum occupancy of 3 persons. They are very cheap. The bigger taxis may allow up to 7 persons on board. You may rent them on private basis, so you must agree with the driver the cost of the required service.
The coaches of the CTM Coach Company Network do cover to whole Morocco, they are cheap but usually very crowded.


Autumn, winter and spring are far away the best seasons for the trips to Morocco, despite shorter daylight during the winter days. You may not forget to bring long sleeves clothes and some warm fleece for the winter nights, which may be cold and dry.
Accessories such as sunglasses, hats ant solar cream should always be with you.


If you decide to bring your own car, you will need all the official documents of your car used in your home country plus an international insurance (green card). It is highly recommended to make a travel insurance to cover help and assistance for the travellers and the car during the trip.
For the persons, a valid passport is needed and some nationalities may need a VISA. Check with the Morocco embassy.


Morocco has a very Rich gastronomy, but we recommend you to get information on the dishes composition before you eat them, to avoid raw vegetables and always drink bottled water. Take also good care of the ice, be sure it is made of purified water.

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