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The surroundings

The hotel stands at the foot of the highest sand dune of Merzouga but surronded by a grove of palm trees and the typical oassi vegatation.

The erg Chebbi has a 42 sq. Miles. Form the northest to the southest point, the distance is almost 14 miles and some 3 miles wide. All sand dunes and some villages around like Merzouga, Hassilabied, Tanamoust,  Takoujt,  Khamlia, Tisserdmine and Merdani.

Near the hotel, going west, when the rainy season, appears a nice lake, called the “small lake” or Dayet Sjir. When this occurs, the lake is the call point of many pink flamingos, wild ducks and many interesting types of birds. Not to be missed if you are a bird fan. Call Hassan to know how the lake is.

Southbound, near Taouz, there is a valley with Neolith signs.

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